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Dr Hakim Hassan

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Rwanda of African-Arab descent

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Muscat, Oman


Fitness, Body pump, Fishing, Travelling, Reading, Spinning, Woodworks.

Dr Hakim Hassan

About me

Hakim Abdulkarim Hassan’s life is that of a wanderer. Born in 1965 in Rwanda, of African-Arab descent, his journeys took him from country to country until he reached Finland, where he continued his educational and professional career. Never being able to put his mind and body to rest, Hakim was always engaged in a variety of different sports such as athletics, weight lifting and spinning.

In the early nineties he worked as a sports therapist and personal trainer in Alexium gym, Helsinki where he also established his Spine & Joints clinic. Observing the human body closely and experiencing its capabilities as well as its limitations inspired Hakim to become an Osteopath.

In 2005 Hakim moved to the Sultanate of Oman, where he established the first center specialized in Osteopathy Finland Osteopathy Clinic L.L.C. He now heads a team of Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists who provide first class manual healthcare to hundreds of patients every month, young and old, both expatriate and Omani. Outside his busy work schedule Hakim spends time working as a veteran Les Mills Bodypump instructor, built a Finnish sauna on his balcony and navigating the waters of the Gulf of Oman as a game-fishing enthusiast.

Consultancy Work

In addition to his work as an Osteopath Dr. Hakim travels the world to train healthcare workers and others in manipulation, mobilization and other manual techniques using the Manuthera 242 treatment table. This state of the art equipment is designed by Finnish experts to support the therapist’s work and ensure the best possible diagnosis and treatment for patients. Dr. Hakim has been working together with manufacturer Lojer, to help promote and demonstrate the latest Manuthera model. During his career he has treated thousands of patients using different generations of Manuthera treatment tables. Currently his clinic is the only center in the Sultanate of Oman using this unique and indispensable piece of equipment.

Manuthera 242 treatment table

Manuthera 242 is an all-in-one treatment table for demanding examination and treatment use. Manuthera 242 takes the therapist’s work to a new level and supports countless treatment and diagnosis methods thanks to its patented operation system. The patient can be moved to therapeutic and anatomical key positions smoothly and quietly. Mobility treatment can be carried out 3-dimensionally using the traction, flexion, lateral flexion and rotation features of the table, as well as gravity. Manuthera 242 is the most versatile treatment table in the world. Read more »



 About Osteopathy

Keep moving. That is the motto of my life and the advice I give to all my patients as an Osteopath.  My life has been in constant motion. It has brought me invaluable knowledge about the human being in all its different aspects; different customs, different beliefs. In a similar way Osteopathy has been a journey for me to learn about the human body in all its diversity. In life itself, as well as with the human body, I am convinced that movement is essential for our well-being. Through Osteopathy I can help other people with regaining their mobility. That is why Osteopathy is not only my job, it is my life. Because Osteopathy keeps you going!”