Hong Kong. May 2017France, Paris. April 2017Jakarta, Indonesia 2017Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. November 2016

Hong Kong. May 2017

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My visit to Physiotherapists, Chinese manual therapist  in Hong Kong to demonstrate Lojer’s Manuthera 242 treatment table,

France, Paris. April 2017

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  • Hakim Osteobio April 2017
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Dr. Hakim at Rééduca Paris 2016 exhibition

Dr. Hakim is seen here at the Rééduca health exhibition in Paris, presenting the new Loyer Manuthera treatment table. In this video, he demonstrates the treatment techniques used to relieve lower back pain, a very common problem among people who are working in office jobs and spend most of their time sitting.Techniques used: traction and mobilisationWatch how Dr. Hakim puts his patient upside down with this exceptional treatment table!(Has anyone noticed the nickname given to the Manuthera by the presenter of the program?)

Posted by Finland Osteopathy Clinic L.L.C on Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Dr. Hakim is on tour in France, where he is training aspiring new therapists as well as veterans to work with the Manuthera treatment table. This newly developed table allows for a broader range of mobilization techniques than most of its predecessors used in Physiotherapy and Osteopathy.

Jakarta, Indonesia 2017

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Amazing group high energized Physiotherapist,manual therapist from all over Indonesia


Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. November 2016

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Dr Hakim in King Fahad speciallity hospital

demonstration of manuthera 242 the most advance treatment table in the world made in Finland by Lojer




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