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  • Hong Kong. May 2017

    My visit to Physiotherapists, Chinese manual therapist  in Hong Kong to demonstrate Lojer’s Manuthera 242 treatment table,

  • France, Paris. April 2017

    Dr. Hakim at Rééduca Paris 2016 exhibition Dr. Hakim is seen here at the Rééduca health exhibition in Paris,…

  • Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai. February 2017

    Visit to Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai. February 2017. was well received  over 4000 exhibitors from all over the world…

  • Jakarta, Indonesia 2017

    Amazing group high energized Physiotherapist,manual therapist from all over Indonesia  

My Skills

Motivator        Optimist        Acupuncture        Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy      Optimism      Bodypump       Spinning        Active

Clinical        Tests         Medicine        Musculoskeletal         Motivation         

Motivation         Move!         Mobilisation         Manipulation       Pain-relief

Spine       Joints       Specialist       Empathy       Natural       Safe       Treatment

Orthopedic       Sports       Medicine       Musculoskeletal       Multicultural

Founder      CEO      Clinical       Tests         Biomechanics          Manager

Arabic      English       Finnish       French       Swahili      Kinyarwanda

Finland       Oman       Africa       Safe       Orthopedic        Move!

My Vision

Keep moving. That is the motto of my life and the advice I give to all my patients as an Osteopath.

My life has been in constant motion. It has brought me invaluable knowledge about the human being in all its different aspects; different customs, different beliefs. In a similar way Osteopathy has been a journey for me

to learn about the human body in all its diversity. In life itself, as well as with the human body, I am convinced that movement is essential for our well-being. Through Osteopathy I can help other people

with regaining their mobility. That is why Osteopathy is not only my job, it is my life. Because Osteopathy keeps you going!”